CONDITION: A = mint, B = minimal signs of use, C = normal use, D = heavy used
Item #ItemSerial #Size AccessoriesCond.EUROComment
199F-21 in BUTTON CONCEALMENT 18x24Button-camera B1000,--F-21 included
1029Le Clic3018913x17 pink, wrist-starpB25,--Built-in flash
M207 Mikroma, Mirar 3,5/20101867810/14 2 cassettes, caseB-A100,-- 
214Minolta 16 EE II, Rokkor 2,8/2520848610x14 B85,--  
215Minolta 16 QT, Rokkor 3,5/2523251610x14  B90,--  
212Minolta 16/II, Rokkor 2,8/2261535910x14 Case, Wrist-strapC+ 95,--chrome
404Minolta 16/II, Rokkor 2,8/22770151 10x14C-B95,--chrome
216Minolta 16Ps, Rokkor 3,5/2587193210x14  C45,-- 
1025Minolta Zoom SLR, Zoom Rokkor Macro 4,5/25-50264870 13x17Wrist-strapB90,-- 
284Minox B, Complan 3,5/156281278x11  C160,-- 
100Minox B, Complan 3,5/157844828x11 Case, chainC-B180,-- 
218Minox C, Complan 3,5/1524294548x11 CaseB-A230,--chrome
201Narciss, Vega-M-1 2,8/35640339414x21 whiteB280,-- 
1027Rollei A110313367713x17 blackB-100,-- 
278Vitoret 110 , Lanthar 5,6/24 13x17  B+70,--Presentation box
372Vitoret 110 EL, Lanthar 5,6761022813x17  B+85,--with flash, etc. in Presentation box
50Minox Flash FL4, black    Box, Case, A65,-- 
86Minox Tripod, chrome    BoxA65,-- 
141Minox Camera holder, chrome    BoxA59,--with Tripod head

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