Stereo cameras

CONDITION: A = mint, B = minimal signs of use, C = normal use, D = heavy used
Item #ItemSerial #Size AccessoriesCond.EUROComment
873D magic 3x18/24     A60,--Stereo One-way
ST207Stereo Mikroma, 2xMirar 3,5/25 2x10/14 6 cassettes, viewer, cutter, caseB-A270,-- film holder, film winder
544Sheet-metal stereo viewer 45x107  C25,-- 
822Meopta Reels empty   unused, newA2,50for Stereo Mikroma, Viewmaster
376Stereo see-saw and Stereo Viewer 5x5     AluminiumB100,--Optimar Salzburg
841Stereo Vorsteckverschluß    C130,-- 
842Viewmaster Stereoscope, old model    A-B40,--original Box

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