Translation: OD = lens cap, RD = rear cap, Köcher or Dose = Container, Anschraubring = Flange, Schachtel = Box,
SB = Sun shade, BA = Instruction, Messingoptik = Brass lens, Steckblenden = Waterhouse stops

CONDITION: A = mint, B = minimal sign of use, C = normal use, D = heavy used
Item #ItemSerial#Size AccessoriesCond.EUROComment
570zAccura AUX. TELEPHOT Mod. V-T372547   C10,-- 
569zAccura AUX. TELEPHOT Mod. VI-T562125   C10,-- 
571zAccura AUX. WIDEANGLE LENS SER. VI    C10,-- 
801Agfa Colorstar N, 4,5/105F 2721   C25,--Enlarging lens
23Auto-Sankor, 2,8/35351180EM 42 OD, RDB+25,-- 
8Auto Makinon, 2,8/135778570M 42  C29,-- 
328Belar 4,5/210301070M 42RD, lens case C60,-- 
343Belar 4,5/5087779 DoseC 18,--Enlarging lens
5Belar, 4,5/210301016f. Reflex Korelle  C65,-- 
1036Betavaron 3,1-10 Zoom-enlarging lens  B250,--Schneider-Kreuznach
101Brass lens, Rapid Aplanat   with flangeC72,-- 
806Brass lens   with flangeC65,-- 
1038Brass lens, unmarkedfocal length ca. 10cmiris diaphragm with flangeB45,-- 
1039Brass lensfocal length 80mmprojektion lens f. 35mm  B25,--Grass & Worff, Berlin
835Brass lens with rack and pinion   without flange and waterhouse stopsC60,--decorative
810Brass lens   without flange and waterhouse stopsC-D40,-- 
813Brass lens Pro-Anastigmat 105mm66920   C50,--Ernemann
556zBrass lens, in black lacquered tube black with flangeB-A40,--Enlarging lens
555zBrass lens, unmarked f. 35mm chromedC15,--Projection lens
558zBRAUN-Color-Ultralit 2,8/50153701M 39 f. Braun  B+25,--Staeble
341Componar 4,5/504421546 with flange, OD A39,--Enlarging lens
577zCompur 02276310Shutter only with flangeC25,-- 
225Dogmar 4,5/300518171black  C130,--with flange
826Doppel Anastigmat Typ B Serie I 120mm118313  with flangeC50,--on Lens board
812Doppel Anastigmat 5,5 No.2 180mm75525   C60,-- 
549zDunar 3,5/7568938M 39 A-20,--Enlarging lens
1022Zeiss Fernobjektiv 8/5004269571Exakta RDB-C550,--Carl Zeiss Jena
0000Flanges different sizes  A-Con request 
554zFinetar 2,8/45 f. Finetta  C20,-- 
825Helioplan 4,5/135722026  with flangeC50,-- 
264Helios-44-2, 2/587266696M 42 blackA39,-- 
248Hoya Zoom Close-up Lens   OD, RD, BoxA30,--MIB
1033Icarex BM Tele Auto 2,8/135100778Icarex BM ODC110,--Made by Soligor
1034Icarex BM Wide Auto 2,8/35100834Icarex BM SB, OD RDC95,--Made by Soligor
1045Ihagee Doppel-Anstigmat "Quido" 6,8/240mm90521   C400,--brass lens, Steenbergen, ca. 1913
229Industar-22, 3,5/505051373M 39OD A50,--collapsible, f. Zorki
336Industar-61LZ macro 2,8/508816414black OD, containerA78,-- 
223Jupiter-9, 2/856201645Kiev/Contax  B+100,--chrome
224Jupiter-9, 2/857804900Kiev/Contax  B68,--black, OD, RD, container
807Jupiter-11 4/135620152M 39  C60,--f. Zarya, Zenit etc.
340Jupiter-11 4/1357017746Kiev/Contax containerB-70,--chrome
7Jupiter-11, 4/135 Kiev, Contax  A75,-- 
24Jupiter-12, 2,8/359003359Kiev, Contax  A78,-- 
13Jupiter-12, 2,8/357403836Kiev, Contax OD, RD, containerB+78,-- 
104Jupiter-12, 2,8/357404495Kiev, Contax  B+78,-- 
1040Kinostgmatfocal length 80mmprojektion lens f. 35mm  C15,--Ernemann, Dresden
352Laak Vergr. Anastigmat 4,5/7,5cm264684black with flangeB+25,--Enlarging lens
561zLaudar-Anstigmat 4,5/9cm335825in Compur with flangeC25,--Dr. August Nagel, Stuttgart
748Meopar, 4,5/180358Gewinde M?  C45,--Enlarging lens
1036Minolta MD W.ROKOR 2,8/281207168   A40,--front and rear cap, orig. leather case
330Nikkor-H 2/50791736Nikon  C-D70,-- 
331Nikkor-H 3,5/28707437Nikon  C-D115,-- 
329Nikkor-Q Auto 3,5/135889859Nikon  C-D100,-- 
353Orthan 4,5/55P 47519 without flange B+25,--Enlarging lens
548zParastigmat 4,5/758011 with flange A25,--Liesegang Enlarging lens
L203Pentacon electric 2,8/1356459683M 42blackA25,--original box, front and rear cap
354Pentor 3,5/3573069M 42blackC25,--OD
231Polar 1,5/658284   A45,--Projection lens f. 16mm
804Premier 4"x5" brass, without waterhouse stops with flangeC60,--Rochester Optical
335Primotar 3,5/1352981530ExaktaRD, SB C32,-- 
334Primotar 3,5/1352831469ExaktaRD, SB C32,-- 
800Radionar 3,5/502404100Akarelle  C25,-- 
92Rapid Paraplanat III, C.P.GOERZ   very rare early GOERZ lensC80,--brass lens, ca. 1890
106Rectilineaire Extra Rapide11203  brass, black lacqueredC60,--Fr. Wilde Görlitz
W18Retina-Tele-Xenar4,8/2007317884  For Retina IIIS and ReflexA180,--leather case, hood, cap, yellow filter
273Sankor, 3,5/13549493EExaktaOD B35,-- 
572zSankor AUX. WIDEANGLE LENS   Etui, AdapterringC10,-- 
62Sigma macro, 3,5/80-200 T 10  C+68,-- 
20 Soligor 4,5/15074030346 Enlarging lens A32,MIB
573zS-RESONAR-CW, 1,8/6,5-17mm    C5,-- 
563zStaeble-Kata -E- 2,8/45616322M 39  B+15,--for Paxette
1041Steinheil Aplanat 7,2/4404662  Brass Lens from 1870B700,-- 
e001Stigmar 1,25/555232Meopta Ø 52,5mmB+10,--projektion lens
1035Super Dynarex 4/1357317531Icarex BM ODC135,--Made in Germany
93Tamron, 2,8/135 BBAR MULTIC7205090  RDA85,--Adaptall for Topcon
894Telemegor, 5,5/1801877479Exakta  A-50,--black
1001Tessar 4,5/4cm2658815Exakta OD, lens caseB+170,--Aluminum, 1938
827Tessar 6,3/14561447helical focusing on lens boardD30,--Aluminum
811Tessar 4,5/15cm138278  with flangeC65,-- 
638zxTessar, 4,5/16,5cm185853 with flange, OD B+70,--helical focusing, A VI2
344Tessar 1:4,5 F=18cm186277black  C69,-- 
642zxTessar, 4,5/18cm492013black, OD without flangeB60,--B VI2
10Tessar, 4,5/1809528   A145,-- 
576zTessar 3,5/21cm1063144blk lacquered with Adapter to M 42C110,--huge brass lens
blk enamel
648zxTessar, 4,5/30cm310146black with flangeB-C60,--engraved XII2
6Tokina-Wide, 3,5/35657830T 10  C18,-- 
575zTriolar, 3,5/7,5cm 181239Front lens scratched with flangeC10,--very small brass lens, chromed
1002Trioplan 4,5/12cm937755Exakta OD, RD, orig. IHAGEE-BoxB+300,--heavy brass lens from 1936
809Trioplan 4,5/2601320425  with flange, SBB+75,--coated
102Triple Anastigmat III, F=23054437    C180,--Voigtländer Cooke Lens
109Universal Aplanat Extra Rapid16461  BrassC60,-- 
368Vivitar, 2,8/28  Minolta MD B70,-- 
250Vivitar, 2,8/283726438ExaktaOD, RD B+45,-- 
1046Voigtländer Braunschweig62238Rotationsblende  C380,--engraved: Zeiss Anastigmat IV, 1:12,5 No.3
828WW Aristostigmat 9/16cm585551  with flangeB-100,-- 
823Xenar 4,5/27cm1775382tiny dent on filter ring with flangeC120,--Brass blk lacquered
824Xenar 4,5/30cm48322tiny dent on filter ring with flangeC120,--Brass blk lacquered
820Xenar 4,5/30cm75378  with flangeC130,--Brass blk lacquered
1044Xenon 2/12,5cm62363Schneider-GÖTTINGEN flangeA-260,--brass, black, lens of a HK 12,5 aerial camera WW II, ca. 1940

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